The Queen of the Damned, Anne Rice

The Queen of the Damned by Rice is the third book in the Vampire Chronicles series, from this excellent writer, whose main theme is love, death, immortality, existentialism and the human condition. It narrate events that occurred in ancient Egypt and that led to the creation of vampires and the awakening of Akasha.

The book also deepen various stories and produce different outcomes. This shows the relationship between Maharet and their descendants, one of which integrates the Talamasca and ends up being turned into a vampire to save her life. It also shows the relationship between Armand and Daniel, the journalist Interview with the Vampire. Daniel will become a vampire, being his creator Armand, to prevent death.

Featuring characters such as Pandora and Santino whose primary mission is to rescue Marius from the debris that was buried by Akasha. To Marius be two reunions expected over the story: be reunited with Pandora and Armand, both his sons.

Lestat, become a famous rock star, his music awakens Akasha, the Queen of the Damned. Which was once the Queen of the Nile takes Lestat as a lover and right hand. After his first and last concert, Lestat is besieged by a group of vampires. But before suffering any damage and watch how the vampires burn in his eyes for no apparent reason. That can only mean one thing: Akasha.

The Queen of the Damned, The Mother, the first and most powerful of the vampire has awakened from its slumber of 6000 years. Lestat is forced to go with her, – better be the right hand of the devil who cross her path- and horrified observes the extermination of almost all vampires on the planet at the hands of Akasha, in what she calls her “Holy War” pouring all her efforts on the destruction of vampires and males to the females grow up in a new order.

But Lestat was terrified of all crimes committed Akasha, slaughtering entire villages, killing every male of any age. Despite his pleas, the Queen’s wishes are unstoppable, and will require a sacrifice to end her hunger for destruction. Finally, Lestat decides to rebel against Akasha and supports the decision of the Council of Vampires who had gathered to try to stop the plans of the Queen.

It’s great book, well actually Rice is great. I stays on the book until the end, I loved the history of the Talamasca, the twins, the passages beautifully created to keep you on the edge of mystery and suspense, fueling the desire to know more. If you like the genre, should read it and if you already did it….. Do it again, kisses : D

Queen of the Dammed – Trailer
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