Angel Time Series by Anne Rice

The writer of New Orleans in October 2009 began publishing a new series of novels, Songs of the Seraphim, which was published almost along with the Angel Time and the second volume, Of Love and Evil, was released in the U.S. in 2010. Time will tell if Songs of the Seraphim reaches the level of influence of the Vampire Chronicles, in particular I like very much the subject, despite the angels are mythological beings and not literary, but the only idea call too much attention to me.

In Angel Time we know the protagonist of the series, Toby O’dare, a ruthless murderer for hire, hired by one righteous man. But O’dare is offered an opportunity to change his life and save lives rather than kill them. This opportunity for salvation will be given by a seraph and will O’dare to thirteenth-century England. As we can see little or nothing to do, a priori, in another example of literary angels has come to us, Fallen by Lauren Kate.

Anne Rice became, thanks to the Vampire Chronicles, a highly successful writer. According to the author in her works can be found vampiric constant struggle against evil and the search for God, while her vampires were metaphors for the moral frailty and human weakness.
It is recalled that the late nineties, Anne Rice had a renaissance Christian and refused to return to writing about the supernatural, while engaged in literary talent on the figure of Jesus Christ. Today she continues to write her series on the life of Christ and, well now, on par with that of the angels.

In keeping with my commitment to do Christian fiction in a variety of forms, I am developing a new series called Songs of the Seraphim. The first of these metaphysical thrillers, Angel Time, will be coming in October 2009. The second has already been written and the third is underway. I’m hoping for a long life for the series with many adventures for its hero. I continue to work on Christ the Lord, the Kingdom of Heaven, the third book in the Christ the Lord series.

. Anne Rice.

Time travel, ultraviolence and medieval madness—divine intervention rendered fantastically by Rice… With two marvelous reimaginings of the Gospels and a spiritual autobiography recently extending her range, Rice revisits the shadows of her vampire classics; now, however, with her return to Catholicism, her sinners vie for redemption… Angelically inspiring. Devilishly clever.

. Kirkus Review 2009.

Well, I leave you with this info, talk about Of Love and Evil, in our next post, until then …

AnneRice.Com: Angel Time Trailer
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